About Us

Our company

Unified Software specialises in payments processing and bank data validation solutions.

Our BankPay-WS Bacs payment gateway brings a new level of flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness to our customers. Our award winning BankVal validation web services continue to help businesses all over the world to improve the quality of their banking data and eliminate payment errors.

Coupled with our outstanding customer support and business knowledge, we are proud of the quality of service that we deliver.

Our History

Founded in 2003, Unified Software launched the BankVal UK web service, providing UK bank sorting code and account number validation and lookup. This innovative use of web service technology brought, for the first time, competitively priced validation to both large and small organisations.

BankVal International was launched in April 2006, providing a unique web service for lookup and validation of SWIFT BIC codes and IBAN numbers.

2008 saw the introduction of our UK postal address validation service. This was in response to customer demand for a useful ‘Know Your Customer’ check when gathering payment data.

In 2011 we were awarded Bacs Approved Software Supplier status for our BankPay-WS payment gateway software.

Our Customers

Unified‘s web services are used by large, medium and small organisations and our clients include major manufacturing companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, universities, call centres, government service providers and many other businesses in the UK and overseas.

For further details of our client list and details of reference sites please contact sales@unifiedsoftware.co.uk

Our customers