2006 Press Releases

2006 Press Releases

Unified Software goes International

Building on the success of its popular BankVal UK bank account validation web service, Unified Software has now developed a product for the international market.

BankVal International has at its core the same state of the art web services technology as its UK counterpart. However, BankVal International uses data and validation rules which give it the capability to check any International Bank Account Number and verify the details of any bank, anywhere in the world.

Director Christine Forsyth explained why BankVal International is an important development:

Left quote marksWith the introduction of the Single Euro Payment Area, it is now essential that bank details are verified before making a cross-border payment. Failed transactions are no longer just an expensive waste of time; banks now have the right to penalise customers for submitting incorrect data. BankVal International ensures that data is correct before submission, saving businesses time and money

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