2010 Press Releases

2010 Press Releases

BankVal SMS Launch

UK based financial web services specialist, Unified Software, has extended its range of products. BankVal SMS is an innovative new service which validates UK bank details any time, anywhere, using simple mobile phone text message technology.

Unified Software’ BankVal SMS service provides, for the first time, the capability to validate UK sort codes and bank account numbers and lookup important clearing information about any UK bank branch using SMS mobile phone text messaging.

Previously, field sales staff, charity workers, utility companies and many others were unable to check bank details at the moment they are provided by the customer. Invalid bank details cause problems later, when Direct Debit mandates are processed back at the office.

BankVal SMS has been developed to solve this problem. Now, customer bank details can be checked within a few seconds while the customer is still present, ensuring that any mistakes are corrected before they cause problems.

Ross Miller, Sales and Marketing Director at Unified Software said:

Left quote marksFor some time now, a number of our existing web service customers have been asking about a mobile version of our popular BankVal UK web service. In order to meet their requirements, the new service had to be independent of phone platform and require no special hardware or software. Mobile phone messaging seemed like the ideal solution, so we developed BankVal SMS.

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