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Call our sort code finder and account checker from JavaScript

Important Security Note: Use a proxy when accessing web services from JavaScript.

Attempting to call the service directly from JavaScript can expose your service user credentials to anyone (via view->source) allowing them to use the service at your expense.

Please check that any code examples you are given by any service provider do not include this security flaw.

Our support team are all experienced financial software developers and can advise on any security issue. If in doubt, drop us a line and we will be happy to help.

Cross domain security

The 'Same Origin' security policy constrains some browsers to only connect with the server that the page was downloaded from. To overcome this restriction you can load a proxy script onto your server. Contact us at support and we can send you a Proxy written in php ready to upload onto your servers.

This is the only secure way to access remote web services from JavaScript. NEVER use a method that exposes your user ID or other sensitive information.

Request FREE Javascript AJAX code and Proxy application from:-

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