Important Service Information

As a web service provider, our top priority is to deliver a reliable, secure system that delivers a fast response.

We are very proud that we have achieved this goal by building a robust service solution that spans two geographically independent data centres.

The infrastructure is engineered with:

  • Two completely independent data centres
  • No single point of failure
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Multiple redundant high bandwidth links to the internet

Reliable - 100% uptime since 2003 go live.

BankVal web services are duplicated on a completely independent backup system. So in the extreme event of the primary data centre being unavailable, the client application immediately uses the backup data centre.

This solution removes all possible single points of failure and ensures seamless uninterrupted failover.

Using this robust infrastructure we are proud that since go live in 2003, BankVal web services have achieved 100% uptime.

How to implement Failover

1. Attempt to access the service on

2. If you get no response or an unexpected error, access the backup service on

HTTPS Secure - using highest level of encryption

BankVal automatically uses on-line banking standard 256 bit encryption to protect your data. BankVal will not operate in an unsecured mode.

Unified Software Ltd. is registered as a Data Controller under the Data Protection Act, 1998. Registration Number Z8649248

Performance - Optimised for speed.

The BankVal web service has been optimised for high performance under all loading conditions.

The BankVal infrastructure is load balanced and has the flexibility to bring in extra server capacity at any time to maintain performance, without interruption of service.

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