Direct Debit Management System


BankPay-MS Overview

BankPay-MS is a web-based Direct Debit management system. Clients can log in to the service, set up Direct Debit plans for their customers, and BankPay-MS handles the rest. BankPay-MS arranges all automatic notifications for your customers and ensures that collections go through Bacs on time. BankPay-MS also automatically reconciles payment and Direct Debit plans against Bacs reports.

BankPay-MS ensures that your Direct Debits are processed on time, every time. Our service handles the entire process, from lodgements to advance notices, to reconciliation.

BankPay-MS is also compatible with virtually any payment gateway application, including our BankPay-WS service.

Main Features

  • Accurate and timely direct debit processing.
  • Advance payment notices sent correctly and on time.
  • Automatically reconciles with Bacs reports.
  • Compatible with almost all payment gateway applications.
  • Quick, easy, hassle free.
  • Streamlines payments and Direct Debit processing, ensuring rapid ROI.

More Information

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