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BankVal International

BankVal International Overview

BankVal International is a suite of web services including SWIFT code lookup against the official SWIFT BIC directory and an IBAN checker complying with ECBS standards.

Validation of SWIFT Codes and IBAN is important because banks can reject transactions and apply a charge if a valid SWIFT Code and IBAN are not present.

To avoid unnecessary bank charges and the costly overhead of manually correcting rejected payments, all bank account details should be validated.

BankVal International web services provide maintenance free, cost effective validation on demand, exactly where you need it.

BankVal International Services

  • SWIFT Code Lookup - Lookup SWIFT codes worldwide using the latest SWIFT code directory.
  • IBAN Checker - Full IBAN check in accordance with ECBS standards.

BankVal International Key Features

  • Complies with SEPA requirements for SWIFT code lookup and IBAN validation
  • Low Cost - Check out the low cost of BankVal
  • Validate on demand, anywhere - Using BankVal International's unique API, you can call the service from anywhere in your systems.
  • Maintenance Free - The validation software and SWIFT code data are maintained on our servers. So validation is accurate and up to date, all the time, automatically.
  • Simple Set Up - Just call the service with a few lines of program code dropped into your system and start validating within minutes.
  • Customer Support - Free on-line technical support is available from our helpful advisors.
  • Secure - Uses industry standard 256 bit SSL security at all times.
  • 100% uptime - Double redundancy from two independent data centres, both with automatic failover between physical servers. 100% uptime since 2003 System Info
  • Platform Independent - Call the BankVal service from any operating system, using any programming language.

More Information

For more information please contact our helpful business advisors on 0191 305 5035 or at sales@unifiedsoftware.co.uk

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