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BankVal International IBAN Checker

BankVal International IBAN checker validates IBAN numbers in accordance with ECBS standards.

Use both the IBAN checker and SWIFT code lookup services to validate your data for trouble free SEPA transactions.


  • Meets SEPA requirements for IBAN checker and SWIFT code lookup
  • Ensures cross border payments are not rejected
  • Saves time and cost spent manually correcting rejected payments
  • Validate IBANs and lookup SWIFT codes from anywhere within your system on demand.
  • Set up in minutes
  • Use the code library and free online technical support at support@unifiedsoftware.co.uk to get up and running quickly
  • Low cost solution - View Prices


  • IBAN checker validates in accordance with ECBS standards
  • Validates country code in accordance with ISO 3166
  • Validates IBAN format in accordance with ISO 13616
  • Web service API

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