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BankVal International for seamless payment processing

Use BankVal International to lookup SWIFT code information and check IBAN numbers. Please contact sales@unifiedsoftware.co.uk to find out more.


BankVal web services use a double redundant infrastructure with no single point of failure. Because of this, BankVal has achived zero downtime since it's launch in 2003.

Service Information

Accurate and Maintenance Free

The SWIFT Code directory is updated monthly on the BankVal servers. So validation is accurate and up to date, all of the time.

On demand from anywhere in your system

BankVal International can be accessed from anywhere in your systems. At point of data capture. Prior to submission to banking networks. Data cleansing. See how:

How BankVal works

Platform Independent

BankVal International uses standard web service APIs. It can be easily integrated into any application.

From the largest ERP system, web applications, cloud applications, even from desktop applications such as Excel.

Easy Setup. Just drop a few lines of code into your application and be up and validating in minutes. Take a look at our Cookbook for code samples, or email our support team to get started. support@unifiedsoftware.co.uk

Low Cost

Pay per Use model means no hefty licence fees.

Check out the low cost of BankVal

More Information

For more information please contact our helpful business advisors on 0191 305 5035 or at sales@unifiedsoftware.co.uk

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