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BankVal UK - Card Number Checker

Checks if a credit/debit card number is valid and confirms card issuer, card type, and country of origin.

Card number checker uses industry standard validation checks plus card database lookup.

Free Credit/Debit Card Number Checker demo

  • Perform industry standard checks on credit/debit card number
  • Confirm the card issuer
  • Confirm the card type
  • Confirm the country of origin

Integrate into your own software

  • Call the card number checker direct from within your software
  • Web service architecture
  • Call can be made from anywhere in your system

When to use the Card Number Checker

Prescreen credit/debit card number BEFORE:-

  • you encrypt your customer's credit card number to a database or:
  • before you forward them to a merchant service


Use this service as a first line check to:

  • make sure credit /debit card number has been entered correctly and
  • to minimize fraud.

Card Number Checker will:

  • Check if a debit/credit card number is valid according to industry standards and via database lookup.
  • Confirm the card issuer (e.g. Barclaycard, American Express etc.)
  • Confirm the card type (e.g. Visa Debit, Mastercard etc.)
  • Confirm the country of origin.

Please note that this facility validates the card number but it does not check that the card is live or that funds are available.

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