Building Society Roll Number Checker

BankVal UK - Building Society Roll Number Checker

Our Roll Number Validation service checks building society payment reference numbers against more than 50 validation rules.

Many building societies use their own roll number (reference number) as a customer account identifier. An invalid reference can cause a payment to be delayed or misdirected. This can be expensive and time consuming to rectify.

To avoid mistakes, use Roll Number Validation before sending Bacs payments or Direct Debit to building society accounts.


  • Checks building society roll numbers against validation rules specified by building societies.
  • Ensures Direct Debit Instructions, Direct Debit Collections and Bacs payments work first time.
  • Saves cost and time spent manually correcting rejected payments.
  • Validates at point of data capture.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Web service, so it works with any software on any 32 bit or 64 bit operating system.
  • Free technical and business support.

As a web service, Roll Number Validation can be easily called from anywhere in your system, so you can validate this important information as it is entered and again before submission to Bacs.

See how easy it is to call BankVal UK from your own system with a 30 day Free Trial.

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left quote marksBankVal web services enabled Homeserve Warranties to rapidly integrate essential services into our in house business solution thanks to the zero setup cost/time and a trial period to get our solution fully tested before going live.

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