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Why choose BankVal UK?

BankVal UK for problem free payment processing

Use BankVal UK to prevent errors when processing Bacs payments, Faster Payments and Direct Debit. Please contact for advice from a business advisor.

Value For Money

First rate sort code and account number validation affordable for businesses of all sizes.

B2B licensing model - we invoice in arrears for exact usage. No up front costs.

Reliable - 100% uptime

BankVal UK uses a double redundant infrastructure with no single point of failure. BankVal UK has achieved 100% uptime since it's launch in 2003.

Service Information

Accurate and Maintenance Free

The Extended Industry Sorting Code Directory, EISCD, is updated weekly on our servers. So your validation service is accurate and up to date, all of the time, automatically.

Call BankVal UK from anywhere in your system

BankVal UK's simple API can be used anywhere in your systems - point of data capture, prior to Bacs submission or as a one off data cleansing exercise. See how:

How BankVal works

Platform Independent

BankVal UK uses simple web service APIs which allow it to be called easily from any application.

From the largest ERP systems, web applications, cloud applications, desktop applications - integration of BankVal is quick and easy.

Many code examples are given in the BankVal cookbook. Free technical advice is available from our helpful support staff.

More Information

For more information please give us a call on 0191 305 5035 or email at

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