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A BankVal UK licence gives you access to the following services:

BankVal UK - from 1p per use

Pay Per Use - from 1p per query.

The more you use the service, the lower the cost per query.

Pay only for what you use, monthly in arrears. Unlimited Use quotations available on request.

To open an account, email:
or call us: +44(0)191 305 5035

Licence includes:-

Always Up To Date - Sort code data and validation rules updated weekly on the BankVal servers.

High Security - We take your data security seriously. BankVal UK uses 256 bit SSL encryption at all times.

High Availability - Double redundancy from two independent data centres, both with automatic failover between physical servers. 100% uptime since 2003.

For your information:-

No Lengthy Tie In - Only 30 days notice required.

Resellers please contact

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